Ammer Group Presents Web3 Payment Ecosystem to more than 50 Central and Commercial Banks.

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FRANKFURT AM MAIN, 1st of September 2022 — Ammer Group has officially launched Ammer Pay at the CBDC Conference 2022, with more than 50 central and commercial banks participating at the event. The service is tailored to emerging markets to enable the transition to digital cash in the unbanked communities.

Ammer Pay demonstration at the CDBC Conference in Frankfurt am Main
Participants of CBDC conference are exploring the capabilities of Ammer Ecosystem

At the “Create your CBDC in 15-minutes” workshop, representatives from the central banks were able to see how quickly Ammer Pay can be used to build a digital cash ecosystem by simply issuing a payment card, loading it with credits and card-holders becoming merchants by simply scanning a QR-code.

Workshop “How to create your first CBDC in 15-minutes”

Within 15 minutes, the participants issued CBDC2022, a digital currency on Ammer Network, built on Polygon Edge. Polygon Edge was chosen for its simple deployment, easy customization and compatibility with permissioned and open protocols.

Ammer Wallet with CBDC 2022

Ammer Wallet and Ammer Cards picked up on the new currency and, using the Ammer Pay PoS, the participants were able to engage in peer-to-peer and purchase transactions.

Participant of the conference using Ammer Pay PoS
Ammer Pay demonstration at the workshop “Create your CBDC in 15 minutes”

On the second day of the conference, Victor Ammer’s (CEO) keynote “Three Trillion Dollar Problem” outlined his vision to bring digital payments to the 2.5 billion unbanked all over the world.

Victor Ammer speaking about financial inclusion and “Three Trillion Dollar Problem”

He announced the release of the Ammer Pay application to the Google Play Store to enable everyone to be an entrepreneur and start accepting payments with no hassles and zero commission using Web3 technology.

Victor Ammer, CEO of Ammer Group, presenting Ammer Card at CBDC Conference

The company is already planning on rolling-out the system as test grounds in several unbanked communities in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia with overwhelming support from local entrepreneurs, central and commercial banks.

George Kireulishvili, National Bank of Georgia, Sabelo Zwane, Central Bank of Eswatini
and Ammer Group at the CBDC Conference
Tudor Ionescu, Central Bank of Romania and Ammer Group at the CBDC Conference
EmTech and Ammer Group at the CBDC Conference in Frankfurt am Main
Victor Ammer, CEO, Ammer Group and Nicholas Frimpong-Manso, CEO, Pureco Africa will enable digital payments in water purification projects in rural areas

Ammer Pay is built on top of a Web3 stack, where a Distributed Ledger (DLT) is used for the final settlement layer. The technology is not restricted to exclusively choosing between a permissioned and an open protocol, and promotes the philosophy that multiple networks should exist concurrently. Ammer Pay allows the consumers to pay with the physical Ammer Card, with NFC enabled Smartphone(Android only) or the QR code using Ammer Wallet.

Payment capabilities of Ammer Pay

On the second day of the conference, guests were invited to field-test the technology at Zenzakan Restaurant. No cash and no credit cards were accepted — instead, only payments in CBDC coins issued during the workshop had legal tender at the event to give participants a first-hand experience of the entire Ammer ecosystem.

Ammer Card and Ammer Pay are used for payments in Zenzakan restaurant
Kombe Kaponda, Bank of Zambia and Victor Ammer, Ammer group at CBDC Reception in Zenzakan
Participants of the CBDC conference at the Ammer Group Reception in Zenzakan
Participants of the CBDC conference at the Ammer Group Reception in Zenzakan
Participants of the CBDC Conference using Ammer Wallet in Zenzakan
Participants of the CBDC Conference paying with CBDC Coins in Zenzakan Restaurant

During the event, overall 137 token transfers with 46 involved wallets occurred, with central bankers crediting each other for drinks through p2p transfers with instant settlement.

No cash or credit cards accepted. Payments with CBDC Only!

The company is already running a pilot project in Zug where merchants leverage the platform’s built-in rewards program to increase customer engagement. Some merchants even run play-to-earn games where users are incentivized to visit their locations by receiving store credit.

About CBDC Conference

The CBDC Conference is the leading event in the field of Central Bank Digital Currency. It offers representatives of central banks, retail banks, technology providers, policy makers and academics the perfect platform to learn about the latest developments in CBDC, exchange ideas with experts and peers, and advance the cause of CBDC.

Photos from the event:

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Ammer Group creates products and services which improve the lives of billions of people globally by making financial transactions easier, faster and more secure every day.

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Demo with Celo Card
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Demo with Waves Card

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We create products and services which improve the lives of billions of people globally by making financial transactions easier, faster and more secure every day